Your Unique Singing Voice

Every voice is unique, and the best singers realize this. They take advantage of what separates them from other singers and develop a style and repertoire that shows off their unique voice. For example Tom Waits didn’t let his raspy, gravelly voice keep him from singing. Similarly, don’t let any unusual qualities in your own voice keep you from becoming the best singer you could be. 

Many singing students begin their study of singing with the hope of being able to imitate a singer or style that they admire. They may want to rock out like Metallica, croon like Harry Connick Jr., or hit the high notes like Celine Dion. Singing in a particular musical style (such as rock or jazz) will come at a later stage in your vocal career. While listening to talented singers is valuable, you shouldn’t start your vocal career trying to imitate anyone. You should always sing with your voice instead of against it. See what your particular, unique voice can do; be willing to experiment and make new sounds. You may just surprise yourself and discover the powerful singer inside with a musical style you’d never thought of trying before.

Being a singer with a unique voice is very important to help you connect with your audience. Your unique voice will make your more memorable. There are certain things about your voice that you can control and others that you have less control over. For example your tone is something that you have fairly limited control over. It's dictated to a large extent by your anatomy and voice box and is something you're born with. This is good though as it gives your voice character because your tone is unique to you.

What is easier to contol are things like enunciation and vocalization. You might have noticed that vocalists have different ways of pronouncing vowels. With consonants you are less flexible but you can try experimenting a little with vowel sounds until you find somthing that you're comfortable with. 

The most important thing is to explore the unique voice that you already have and develop it to be the best it can be without trying to sound like someone you're not. That way you will not only avoid damaging your voice but you will have a much better chance of connecting with people and becoming a unique and successful singer. 

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