What is Singing?  

So what is singing exactly? Well, I'd say that singing is among the coolest means of expression out there. If you spend too much time thinking about singing, it probably won't make mcuh sense, but it sure does feels good. But what is singing really and what separates singing from the assortment of different sounds we produce?

We frequently presume that song is easily differentiated from spoken language, but this it is not always the case. For instance, rap music seems to sit on the boundary between song and everyday speech. Likewise, a person may speak in a melodic voice to calm a child and thereby “sing” the child to sleep. Perhaps there is not as much difference between song and speech as we guessed?

Generally we consider someone to be singing when they're utilizing their voice for musical effect. Put differently, rather than concentrating so much on pure communication and the meaning of certain words, they concentrate more on the artistic effect and the emotions that their melodic utterance produce.

Interestingly enough, the vocal apparatus that we use for spoken language and song is the same, but singing uses it in a more intentional and focused way by capitalising on its resonant capacities. Singing tends to be more sustained than speech and requires a greater range of sounds.

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