Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Your singing practices should always begin with vocal warm up exercises. Why do we need vocal warm up exercises? Well, you need to warm up your vocal cords just like other muscles in your body need warming up before extensive use. Think of yourself as a singing athlete. Also have you woken up in the morning and found that your first word came out as a hoarse croak? Your voice wasn’t warmed up!

What happened was that during the night, fluids collected in your throat tissues. Mucous built up, and your vocal cords became dry. Because your vocal cords need to be damp to move well, you found yourself unable to speak normally in the morning.

Vocal warm up tip: A great place to do your vocal warm ups is in the shower, because the steam opens up your throat and windpipe and is soft on your vocal cords.

Vocal warm up tip: Also remember to drink lots of water to keep the vocal cords moist and functioning at their best. The best singers keep hydrated and may drink up to a gallon of water a day!


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The difference between singing practice and singing warm ups

A common question is about the difference between singing practice and singing warm ups? A singing warm up gets your body ready for singing practice. The difference between the end of the warm ups and the start of the singing practice may only be slight. Think of your singing warm up as the beginning of your singing practice.

The basic ingredients of a good vocal warm up is an exercise that works the body, blood and breath to get your singing voice awake and ready to work hard. You can’t warm up just by singing a song. Good warm-ups take you through your chest voice to your head voice without building pressure. Fortunately, there are many simple warm-up exercises you can do. Here are some ideas:

  • Humming a familiar tune or one that you make up.
  • Sighing or vocal slides.
  • Lip trills or tongue trills.
  • etc.

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I hope you found these vocal warm up tips and exercises helpful.

To your singing success, 

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