Vocal Training Tips

You only have to turn on the television to see the popularity of singing in our society. Chances are you've watched one of a variety of singing competitions on television. From American Idol to Nashville Star, it seems almost everyone dreams of becoming a singer. Even if you have a decent singing voice, you may not believe you have it in you to be a professional singer. But rest assured, with the right vocal training tips and plenty of practice, you will be amazed just how quickly your singing can improve.

Vocal Training Tip 1 - Listen To Yourself Sing

Yes I know it sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how many aspiring singers have never made a recording of themselves singing. So my first vocal training tip is to listen to yourself sing. Warning - if you think you have an amazing singing voice or even a lousy singing voice, hearing a real recording of your singing just might change the way you feel and help you to be a more objective. One of the first vocal training tips that any vocal coach will tell you is ... record yourself singing!

This is an important tip because you will hear your voice differently in your head as you sing to how it really sounds on a recording. Take for example hearing yourself on an answering machine. Most people say that they sound “funny” on an answering machine. Well sorry to burst your bubble but this is your real voice. If you think that your recorded singing voice does not sound good, then you need to work on improving it. What you hear on a recording is what other people hear when they listen to you sing. It's definitely a good idea to record yourself often, preferably before and after learning new vocal training tips to help improve your singing. That way you can compare your voice and be encouraged by your improvements.

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Vocal Training Tip 2 - Avoid Strain With Good Singing Technique

Even for people blessed with natural singing talent it's very important to pay attention to good singing technique. This is an important vocal training tip not only because you will sing better, but because you will also avoid damaging your voice. If professional vocal training techniques are not followed, it is easy to injure your vocal chords and strain your singing voice. Here are some basic pointers:

  • First, do not strain your neck, chin, or anywhere else while singing. If you feel that you are straining, it means that you are doing something wrong.
  • Second, you should be able to sing the high notes as easily as the low notes. If you can't, then you should look into vocal training lessons to learn how.
  • Third, if you are getting a sore throat from singing, it's a sign that you need to do something differently. If you plan on singing professionally, you cannot afford to have a sore throat every time you sing!

Remember, there is a correct way to sing and an incorrect way to sing. Poor singing technique can not only damage your singing voice, but it will also not sound nearly as good as it would if you follow the vocal training tips and techniques used by professional singers. To learn how to train you voice professionally feel free to browse the following reviews:

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I hope you found these vocal training tips helpful.

To your bright future as a singer,

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