Vocal Techniques for Singers

Many people want to improve their singing either because they want to sing in a band or in a church choir or even just for fun with friends at a local karaoke bar. Unfortunately without guidance in the essential vocal techniques your success as a singer will be limited. There are of course many ways to improve your vocal technique. One option is to take lessons from a private singing tutor. You could also join a community singing class in your area. Another very plausible and convenient idea is to learn correct vocal techniques for singers on your own through a quality audio courses. Whatever option you opt for, here are some of the vocal techniques you will learn.  

Vocal Technique: Pronounce Consonants Correctly

One of the first vocal techniques to master is the art of pronouncing consonants correctly (b, d, c and w, z, x , etc.). You must learn the correct sounds and understand how to implode consonants like f, h, m, n and r. You will also learn that f really should sound like ‘fff’ and g should be pronounced ‘guh’.

Vocal Technique: Vocalization

Of course you will also learn vocal techniques for learning to pronounce vowels correctly. This means mastering sounds like “ah (a) and eh (e) and ooh (o)”. Also remember not to move your tongue too much when you are vocalizing and your jaw should not play a part in trying to control the volume of sound emitted.

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Vocal Technique: Relaxing Is Hard Work

Especially when you're trying hard to improve it's easy to forget the golden rule that you should always be relaxed when singing. You will quickly be introduced to techniques employed by singers to keep their body and of course their mouth relaxed. Any tenseness in the mouth will quickly ruin all your singing efforts. So, the correct vocal techniques for singers requires letting the jaw drop and remain slack and your tongue should be allowed to fall toward the front of your mouth while also remaining flat against your teeth where it should rest. 

Vocal Technique: Yawn Like A Pro 

To ensure they are able to create the proper singing tone, aspiring singers are encouraged to use a peculiar vocal technique whereby they open their mouths to the position just before a full yawn. Although this vocal technique sounds pretty weird it helps open the throat in order to sing like professionals singers do. Just be sure not to fall asleep when you learn this vocal technique!

Vocal Technique: Breathing

Other important and challenging vocal techniques for singers involve controlled breathing from the stomach (and not from the chest). You will aslo learn the optimal moments to take in air so as to avoid breaking the flow of the song. This vocal technique is known as phrasing and involves practicing stringing words together that will be sung with a single breath.

Of course there are many other techniques which once you master will take you a step closer to having the voice of a professional singer with a full vocal range and the abillity to hit notes with ease. Of course it will require plenty of practice but don't let this put you off because you singing lessons can be very rewarding and should be a lot of fun. 

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