Tone Deafness

Many people are accused of being tone deaf but what is tone deafness exactly and is there a cure for tone deafness? Well strictly speaking, there is no such thing as tone deafness! So you needn't worry if anyone ever accuses you of being tone deaf. In fact what people really mean when they talk about tone deafness is that you are unable to distinguish between pitches.

So am I tone deaf or pitch deaf?

Well strictly speaking, it makes more sense to say that one is pitch deaf rather than tone deaf. (Here you can learn more about the difference between tone and pitch.)

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Is there a cure for tone deaf singers?

Of course the question remains, whether or not there is a cure for "pitch deafness" - or tone deafness? Well although you may not be able to produce a sound that is right on key, you should be able to develop your mental ear sufficiently to tell whether one note is higher or lower compared with another note. This is the first step to curing your "tone deafness". You must be able to hear the differences between pitches before you can correctly sing them.

Often people will sing along to a song, but not even sing the right notes, although the song is playing at the same time. Your goal in the beginning should not be to harmonize however. It should be to sing exactly the same pitch as the one you hear. Then you can work on understanding your voice and how to get it perfectly in tune.

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To your future as a singer and never being called tone deaf again :)

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