Singorama 2.0 Review

Reviewer: Frank Jones
Singorama Review Verdict: Best Singing Lessons Under $100 
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Singorama 2.0 by Emily Mander I know what you're thinking and it's perfectly normal to be skeptical of such a bold claim. I was too at first and a question I get asked often is... is Singorama a scam? My answer is an emphatic... No!

Read my Singorama review and you'll see that Emily Mander's Singorama 2.0 is the real deal. If you're looking for a great value home study course that will quickly take you from singing wannabe to singing star, then Singorama's complete guide to singing like a professional is the right course for you.

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Does Singorama 2.0 offer the b
est bang for your buck?

When compared with other singing courses on the market it's clear that Emily Mander's Singorama offers incredible value for money. The course covers everything from vocal technique and singing style through to performance tips, preparing for auditions, dealing with nerves, songwriting and much more!

Singorama Review: What's included?

Singorama is divided into 28 interactive audio lessons in mp3 format. The audio lessons are roughly 15 to 20 minutes long and include clear examples, sing-along practice and 21 vocal exercises that can be repeated as often as necessary.

While the Singorama 2.0 audio could easily standalone, it is supplemented by two informative ebooks and 2 useful software programs. One Singorama program, Perfect Your Pitch Pro, will help you to develop your ear and sing on key. The other, Singorama's Mini Recording Studio, lets you easily record yourself singing on your computer, a great way to monitor your singing progress.

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What's Covered in the Singorama Program?

Singorama starts with the fundamentals by teaching good vocal technique. Singing essentials like posture, breath support, tone quality and resonance are all covered early on and each lessons builds sequentially on the next. 

Once you've mastered the singing basics, Singorama helps you to develop your practice routine and work towards your personal singing goals. Conveniently, the important vocal exercises covered in the Singorama lessons are also included back-to-back in a separate mp3 for your singing practice sessions.

In later lessons you will learn how to project your voice, sing in harmony, increase your vocal range. Also unlike many other singing programs, Singorama 2.0 even includes information about developing stage presence, dealing with performance anxiety, handling auditions and even songwriting techniques.

Singorama does not focus one specific musical genre, but offers tips and suggestions for a variety of genres. For example it might say, for a rock song, try this; for a musical theatre production, try that. For in-depth information about course contents visit the Singorama homepage

Singorama Review Warning:

Emily Mander's Singorama contains many hours of high quality interactive audio lessons packed with informative content and practical exercises. If you're serious about singing at a professional standard you will need to set time aside to practice the exercises regularly. Only buy Singorama if you are prepared to set time aside to practice regularly and take full advantage of these professional singing lessons.

Limited Singorama Bonus:

With my version of Singorama by Emily Mander I qualified for a limited bonus offer and have found these Singorama bonus items to be quality products in their own right. Please note: I cannot guarantee that these Singorama bonuses will still be up for grabs by the time you visit the Singorama website.

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Singorama Review Verdict: Best Value Singing Lessons!

Emily Mander's Singorama 2.0 is helping aspiring singers the world over to achieve their dream of singing like a professional. Having tested and compared a large number of home study singing courses, I have found Emily Mander's Singorama 2.0 to be the most comprehensive. Singorama offers a well balanced mix of theory and practice and is an excellent choice for both novice as well as more experienced singers looking to improve their singing quickly and easily. Singorama is without a doubt one of the best value for money singing courses available anywhere.

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To your bright singing future,

P.S. Prepare to be blown away when you buy Singorama 2.0. You'll probably want to show off your newfound singing skills so feel free send me a copy of your before and after recordings a few months from now!