Singing With A Microphone

Microphones (mics for short; pronounced like the name Mike) can be on a stand, hand held, hanging from the ceiling above the stage, placed on the floor, or hooked onto your clothes or body. Learning how to sing with a microphone can take a little practice. It's a good idea to practice singing with the microphone without the instruments playing. That way you can hear the difference in sound when you hold the microphone too close or too far. Here is a list of types of microphones that you might sing with.

Singing With A Stationary Microphone:

If your mic is on a stand, you can move around to adjust the sound. You should check out the sound before the concert. The height of most microphone stands can be easily adjusted. Look at the middle of the stand, and you'll probably see a ring that you can twist to adjust the height. If you have to turn on the microphone, practice walking out to stand and finding the button, so you'll feel confident that you can turn it on if your hands are shaking.

Singing With A Hand-Held Microphone:

If you're using a hand held mic, hold it far enough away from your mouth that you don't touch it with your lips but close enough that the sound of your voice is captured clearly by the microphone. If you move around a lot during your performance you'll have to be a little careful that you don't get caught up in the microphone cable.

Singing With A Body Microphone:

You've probably seen body microphones on television. A microphone cord goes through your clothing, and a small box is clipped under your clothes or to your belt. If you don't get a chance to use one before the show, just visualize the sensation of having a box attached to you, so you won't be too put off when you feel something hanging from your back while you're singing.

Using Floor Level Microphones:

If the microphones are on the floor, you'll just have to remember to tread more lightly as the audience is going to hear the sound of your walking across the stage.

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