Roger Burnley Singing Made Simple Review

Reviewer: Frank Jones
Sing With Freedom Review Verdict: The Best, Bar None!
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Is Singing Made Simple good? Hell yeah! But don't take my word for it... 

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Watch Roger Burnley's free video about swallowing muscles Even this informative Singing Made Simple review is no substitute for experiencing Roger Burnley's Singing Made Simple method firsthand. Before reading this Singing Made Simple review, watch Roger Burnley's free video lessons on the Singing Made Simple website. Once you've eperienced his groundbreaking methods for yourself, go ahead and read this full Singing Made Simple review.

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Roger Burnley Review: Some Background...

Roger Burnley's Singing Made Simple So just who is Roger Burnley anyway and does Singing Made Simple work?

Roger Burnley has been teaching the Hollywood stars to sing for more than 20 years. Interestingly, Roger Burnley had multiple difficulties in his first 10 years of singing. He picked up loads of bad singing habits and lost his voice after nearly every performances. Desperate, Roger Burnley turned to the legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs for help.

Seth Riggs has helped more than 120 Grammy winners achieve success. He's the vocal coach behind singing legends like Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton and Ray Charles so yeah, he knows his stuff. Seth Riggs took Roger Burnley under his wing and in 2 years and Roger Burnley literally relearned how to sing. Long story short, Seth Riggs was so impressed with Roger Burnley's grasp of singing technique that he insisted Roger become a vocal coach.

Good thing he did, because Roger developed a vocal coaching method that incorporates all the golden nuggets of singing wisdom that he learned from Seth Riggs over the years. It focuses on common singing problems quickly and provides shortcuts and tricks to learn how to sing with star quality in double time.

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Sing Made Simple Review: What's Included?

Singing Made Simple DVD Program

Singing Made Simple includes 4 Singing Lesson DVDs and 2 Exercise CDs with 30 years of Roger's best knowledge distilled down into powerful exercises and explanations that will help you understand your voice and develop outstanding singing abilities.

This course is bursting at the seams with quality content so you can (and should) re-watch the DVD's every once in a while. Roger Burnley shares so many great tips and tricks that you'll experience new insights and breakthroughs each time you watch.

Also, when you buy Singing Made Simple you receive instant access to the Singing Made Simple Owners Only Membership Website, where you get ongoing singing training and feedback on your singing progress from Roger Burnley.

Here's an overview of the Singing Made Simple program structure:

Singing Made Simple DVD 1

  • How to start
  • Understanding your voice
  • The key to vocal freedom

Singing Made Simple DVD 2

  • Instant vocal corrections
  • Breathing power and support

Singing Made Simple DVD 3

  • Vocal styles and interpretations
  • Practical applications

Singing Made Simple DVD 4

  • Singing at any age
  • Practicing and tips

For full details of lessons contained on the 4 DVDs please see Roger Burnley's Singing Made Simple website.

Singing Made Simple Shines Where Other Programs Let You Down 

Singing Made Simple Members Website The biggest weakness of most singing programs is that there is no easy way to get support and ask questions. To overcome this problem, Roger Burnley had a members area setup for Singing Made Simple program owners.

Roger Burnley is awesome about responding to questions. You even have the opportunity to post recordings of your voice and get personalized video answers. Roger Burnley has even been known to jump onto Skype to help customers out with tricky problems. The guy just loves singing and genuinely cares about the success of all Singing Made Simple customers. You simply won't find this level of support with any other home singing program!

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Singing Made Simple Review Verdict: The Best, Bar None!

With Roger Burnley's Singing Made Simple training program, you'll nail that star quality tone and wow your audience with impressive high notes and slick vibrato. If these methods are good enough for the likes of Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J and Nona Gaye, you can bet they'll release the richest, sweetest sound from on your voice too.

Roger Burnley is an extraordinary teacher and his course is saturated with advice for achieving a rich, soulful vocal style that is 100% your own. The unmatched Singing Made Simple support, the double guarantee and easy payment plans make Singing Made Simple a no-brainer for aspiring singing stars of all levels!   

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to Develop a Voice with Range, Power, Control and Star Quality

To your newfound star singing voice,

P.S. If you only ever do one thing to improve your singing voice, buy Singing Made Simple. You won't be disappointed!