Per Bristow Sing With Freedom Review

Reviewer: Frank Jones
Sing With Freedom Review Verdict: Most Inspirational Singing Lessons
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Per Bristow's "Bristow Voice Method" is Effective yet Simple and Fun!

Per Bristow ReviewIf you've browsed any singing forums or spent some time reviewing home study singing courses, it's very likely that you've heard of the Bristow Voice Method (BVM). Per Bristow is a highly respected singing and performance coach with a reputation for getting extraordinary results using a holistic and somewhat unconventional approach.

With his high quality 4 DVD singing course "Sing With Freedom", Per Bristow has strengthened his reputation as an excellent vocal coach. Per Bristow's students are reporting extraordinary success in improving their singing and praise his lessons for being super effective yet simple and fun. If you're looking for an engaging and less traditional approach to improve your singing then Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom is a great choice for you.

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What is Per Bristow's Voice Method All About?

Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom is perhaps best described as a journey of vocal discovery. Per Bristow believes that each of us have a huge untapped singing potential and his approach in Sing With Freedom is to help his students rid themselves of self imposed restrictions by reducing tension and freeing the voice. Some of Per Bristow's more unconventional beliefs are that traditional lessons on scales and breath control are unnecessary when you "learn to release".

This might sound pretty way out there, but bear in mind that Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom has a more ambitious goal than teaching people to sing with more range, power and resonance. Per Bristow believes that the real benefit of Sing With Freedom is an increase in confidence and newfound sense of freedom that will help students live more spontaneous and fulfilling lives.

Sing With Freedom Review: My Experience

The approach in this course is refreshingly different and Per Bristow's enthusiastic teaching method makes the course a lot of fun. I really like that the lessons are in video format because it makes the course feel more interactive and almost as if you are in a private lesson with Per Bristow himself.

I found the before bed exercises and breathing exercises a great way to end the day and definitely helped me to wake up the next morning with a stronger and more relaxed voice. Above all, I've gained a lot of confidence with the Sing With Freedom program and am enjoying singing like never before.   

With most other courses it's easy to get caught up in the detail of vocal technique, which makes it difficult to relax and really enjoy the experience of singing. I believe the more holistic approach in Sing With Freedom compliments other courses very well. If you're not reaching your true singing potential, Sing With Freedom is definitely worth looking into.

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Sing With Freedom Review: What's Included

Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom DVDs

For full details of individual lessons contained on the 4 DVDs please see the Sing With Freedom Homepage. 

Per Bristow's "Singing Zone" and Bonus Material

 Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom comes with 3 excellent bonus training courses worth $381.00 - more than the price of the course itself! This includes:

  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm School
  • Sight Reading

In addition you get 1 month free access to all the quality material, teachings and interviews in Per Bristow's "The Singing Zone" membership site. This includes access to the Singing Zone Forum where you can have singing experts answer your singing questions. There are also interesting singing articles and downloadable interviews with vocal coaches, performers and vocal health experts.

Sing With Freedom Review Verdict: Most Inspirational Singing Lessons

The excellent results that singers of all levels are achieving from Per Bristow's program speak for themselves. I especially enjoyed Per Bristow's enthusiasm and his clear and helpful explanations. Per Bristow's Voice Method teaches a liberating and refreshing approach to singing that will help you stay relaxed and have more fun singing.

I loved that the course is presented in an engaging video format (a BIG advantage over most other singing programs). Sing With Freedom comes very highly recommended and will help you create the right conditions to sing at your best and overcome feelings of fear and inhibition.

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P.S. You'll love Per Bristow's relaxed and personal teaching style and contagious enthusiasm. Sing With Freedom is delivered in high quality video and feels almost as if you're having a private singing lesson with Per Bristow himself. Buy Sing With Freedom today and get into your "singing zone"!