Matching Pitch

Being able to hear a pitch in your head or from an external source, such as the radio or a piano, and then singing it is called matching pitch. The first step to matching pitch is figuring out how to hear the pitch in your head so you can match the pitch. The second step is to match the pitch with your voice. Matching pitch is a skill. It might not be your strongest skill today, but you can improve with practice. Here's how:

How to match pitch? Slide up and down! 

The idea here is that you practice listening to a pitch from an external source and then slide around to match the pitch vocally. Sliding away from the right note allows you to hear the vibrations of your voice clashing with the wrong note and then matching the right one.

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Play a note on any instrument. After you play the note, feel it in your body. Visualize yourself singing the note, before you actually sing it.

  1. Play the note again and sing it. If you didn't match the pitch, slide up and down until you match it. You can keep playing the note on the piano until you match it. How will you know when you match the pitch? You'll hear that the vibrations of your voice and the vibrations of the note sound similar. The sounds will blend together when the pitches are matched.
  2. Play a different note. Visualize it and hear the note in your head before you sing it. Now sing the note. If you miss it again, slide up and down until you are matching the pitch.

Matching pitch takes practice

Matching pitch may be tricky for you in the beginning. If you've never been able to do it, matching pitch won't happen instantly, but you can improve with some practice. Be patient and keep trying!

If you did match the note ater some practice good for you. Play the note again. This time intentionally slide higher than the note and then slide back down and match it again. The next time, try sliding below the pitch and then back up to match it. This will train your ear to hear the matching vibrations of your voice and the instrument.

There are other techniques useful for matching pitch including developing muscle memory. You can learn about all of these pitch matching techniques in a good singing course. Read reviews of the best singing lessons.

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