Live Singing Performance Tips

Knowing how to behave during a live singing performance is important if you want to ensure that you provide your audience with the best singing performance possible. Here are 8 practical singing performance tips for the next time you're on stage.    

Singing Performance Tip 1:

Rehearse with the band. You should have at least one dress rehearsal and several more practice rehearsals before a live performance. For the last rehearsal and dress rehearsal you should sing the music from memory.

Singing Performance Tip 2:

The outfit you choose to wear for the live performance can make or break the show. When you practice, be sure to wear the outfit that you plan to wear for your singing performance. You want to be sure that you can move in it and breathe without feeling constricted.

Singing Performance Tip 3:

After you know where to stand it's a good idea to practice walking into place. Knowing how to walk across a stage and land in place isn't as easy as it sounds. You want to stop in place but also find your posture as you stop. Find your alignment, walk across the room and maintain that posture.

Singing Performance Tip 4:

Singing with a band can be really cool, but the first time can be a bit confusing. If the speakers are pointed away from you, which they probably will be, you may have trouble hearing yourself. Ask if it's possible to have a speaker turned toward you. Remember that bands often play pretty loud, and turning the speaker towards yourself can be distracting if you have a huge wall of sound coming at you. If a specific instrument plays the melody line, you may have to get used to picking out that sound from the other instruments.

Singing Performance Tip 5:

When you make your entrance, look at the audience and smile. You appear far more confident if you look straight at your audience as you walk across the stage. Your smile needs to look genuine even if you're nervous and don't want to be on the stage.

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Singing Performance Tip 6:

When singing in a concert, knowing whether to acknowledge your audience or stick to your own little world can be tricky. Singers can't always sing intimate songs in an intimate locale, but you can imagine yourself in a cosy locale if this helps you with your performance. To get a feel for whether to include the audience as part of your song, watch and learn from the seasoned pros.

Singing Performance Tip 7: 

In a normal concert there can be a lot of distractions. People cough, enter late and even leave right in the middle of your song. People in the audience often don't consider how this distracts the performer. When you practice at home you might want to intentionally stage some distractions. Get a friend to try and distract you while you practice ignoring them and concentrating on your performance.

Singing Performance Tip 8:

If you're not sure what to do with your hands during your live singing performance, putting your hands down at your sides is safest. It may not be the most interesting place for them but you're probably better off erring on the side of calm and still. If you choose to gesture, make it a complete gesture and make sure your elbows move out away from your body. Clasping your hands in front of you is another option for your hands.

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I hope these tips for performing live were helpful to you.

To your bright future as a singer,

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