How To Teach Yourself To Sing

Can you teach yourself how to sing? This is a very common question. While most people enjoy singing, unfortunately many of us are not much good at it. You might be self conscious about your voice, or perhaps you've been told that your singing sounds flat or out of tune. If you'd like to improve your singing but can't afford the expense of private lessons with a vocal coach, don't worry because it is possible to teach yourself to sing and it's much more affordable than most people think.

Teach Yourself To Sing Software & Teach Yourself To Sing Online  

Further down this page you'll find tips and suggestions to teach yourself how to sing for free. Of course you will get much better results if you follow a more professional and systematic approach. Here are some excellent teach yourself singing courses that will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know to sing like a star at a fraction of the cost of private singing lessons.

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If you're determined to go the free route, then be sure to sign up for this Free 5 Part Professional Singing Mini Course. It'll teach you the essentials of professional singing. Then below you can find a few more basic teach yourself singing tips.

Teach Yourself To Sing Free: Pick Your Favorite Songs

One of the best ways to teach yourself to sing is to choose a selection of your favorite songs that are within your singing ability. Next, you should learn these songs and practice singing them out aloud to see how well or poorly you are able to render them.

Teach Yourself To Sing Free: Record Yourself

It's very important to record yourself singing because this will help you to be more objective about your singing skills. The way you hear yourself in your head is very different to how you really sound so it's important to hear yourself as others hear you. Most people don't like how their recorded voice sounds so don't let this put you off because with practice your singing will improve. (By the way Singorama's Ultimate Singing Guide comes with free recording software for your computer.)

Teach Yourself To Sing Free: Sing On Tune  

The next part in learning how to teach yourself to sing really just involves perfecting your ability to sing your favorite songs in tune. When you sing a song, it should sound as close to the original version as possible. Of course this will take some time to get right but the more you practice, the more accurately you will be able to imitate other singers.

Don't forget to record your singing regularly as you get more practice. Initially focus on trying to sing in tune and at a good volume. Later you should try working on making your voice sound more expressive.

Teach Yourself To Sing Free: Sing Along To The Radio

A fun way to learn how to teach yourself how to sing is to sing along to the radio. This is something you can do in the car on the way to work or at home. You could also sing along to your CD or mp3 collection. You can download song lyrics for free from the Internet.

Teach Yourself To Sing Free: Whenever And Wherever

Remember you can sing whenever and wherever you feel like it – as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable. Even singing in the shower is a good way to practice. The main thing is not to let your inhibitions get the better of you. Singing is good for the soul and nothing to feel embarrassed about. Of course for best results it's a good idea to schedule your singing practice at a convenient time when you'll be free from distraction.

Just like with anything else, practice is the key to teaching yourself how to sing well. Also don't forget to practice different styles of singing because you will find that your voice might be better suited to a particular singing style.

Teach Yourself To Sing: Join A Choir Or Singing Group

Once you've had a good amount of practice, to teach yourself how to sing better you might consider joining a local choir. Of course this requires you feel fairly comfortable with the way your singing sounds. One of the biggest benefits of joining a singing group is that your singing abilities will start improving very quickly because you can learn from more experienced vocalists within a supportive environment.

To your future as a singer,

P.S. If you're not quite ready to invest in learning how to sing, then don't miss your chance to grab these free singing lessons.