How To Sing Rock

If you want to learn how to sing rock you will need to learn how to make a variety of sounds from screams to moans. The sound of rock music often revolves around the electric guitar or acoustic guitar and it uses a strong back beat laid down by a rhythm section of electric bass guitar, drums and keyboard instruments. In its purest form rock has three chords, a strong insistent back beat and a catchy melody.

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How to sing rock: Technique

When singing rock you want a basic, solid, healthy, singing technique and your abilities need to shine when it comes time to strut your stuff on stage. Singing rock can be really hard on the voice and so it's extra important to have a good singing technique or you risk damaging your voice.

Energetic singing and a rock attitude are also important to become a successful rock star. If you're looking for the kind of success of Mick Jagger or Axl Rose then you've got your work cut out for you. You will not only need to sing with a lot of energy, but you'll also need to be a great performer to build up a large following. 

When you watch rock concerts you'll notice how important stage performance is for rock stars. You don't just need to learn how to sing rock, but also how to perform rock. When you perform you may have to dance, sing and lip-sync all at the same time.

As I mentioned singing rock is hard on the throat but in many cases rock singers are cast on their look and image and producers just hope their voice can last the test of time.

If you're serious about becoming a rock star you will have to create a demo recording so that producers can hear what you sound like when your voice is mixed on a professional quality CD.      

How to sing rock: Sound

Many rock singers have a scratchy sound to their voice that's close to screaming and so if you want to know how sing rock and make a career of it, you will need to learn how to avoid damaging your voice. Afterall you'll want to keep making those rock sounds that make your fans go wild.

Screaming too much for too long in concerts can tax the voice and cause fatique, strain and tone changes. To prevent damage rock singers can use resonance to create sounds that they normally make by screaming.

Because rock singers use a microphone, singing rock does not require the same intensity and clarity as classical singing. As a rock singer you can get away with having a slight fuzzy tone to your voice. The latest technology in sound systems can instantly correct the wayward pitch of rock singers. Lines and phrases also tend to be less drawn out when singing rock.

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