Learn How To Sing High Notes

If you love singing but need to improve, chances are one area you could use some improvement is singing high notes. Many singers have trouble singing high notes and it often seems that the ability to sing high notes is what differentiates a average singer from an amazing singer. So here is some information to help you learn how to sing high notes better.

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Warm Up To Sing High Notes:

Warm up your voice! A good voice warm up is to hum your lowest note, then move up to your highest note and back down like a siren. Do it a few times, and you should already notice a difference. It is always best to warm up the middle voice before moving to the high and low extremes.

Breathe Correctly To Sing High Notes:

You should be breathing with your diaphragm, in other words, your chest shouldn't move, and your belly should move out when you breathe in and in when you breathe out. Stand up straight and try some quick "ha, ha" sounds to feel the quick puffs of air that come right from the lower parts of your belly. This is called "support" of the voice.

Scale Up And Down To Sing High Notes:

Start in the middle of your range and sing higher and higher. Keep singing along the notes scaling up and down. Never strain your voice. Your throat should not hurt. Be sure to drink enough water to hydrate your vocal chords.

Find The Right Vowel Modification To Sing High Notes:

Each voice has certain vowels that work best when one sings high. You should experiment to determine which vowels work best for you. Once you have an idea of which vowel works best, gradually modify towards that vowel as you ascend the scale. Don't be afraid to use mixed vowels like singing the vowel in "head" while rounding your lips like an "oh".

Think Low To Sing High:

Another trick is to imagine the note is low rather than high. If you do this it will seem easier to sing and you won't be straining your voice.


Repeat the above throughout a period of time until you get the desired results. Be patient with yourself because learning to sing high notes is not that easy and can take time, but stick at it and you'll definitely improve.

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