How to Sing Falsetto

Falsetto, otherwise known as "false voice" is a singing technique that allows men to reach notes and ranges that are commonly sung by women. The name Falsetto, derives from when choirs in the middle ages featured castrated males singing the high parts. The falsetto singing technique was commonly used by European choirs from the 16th to the 19th century. Frankie Valli was singing in Falsetto in the Four Seasons.

Watch this how to sing falsetto video:


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How to sing in falsetto voice:

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Start singing and projecting your voice from the upper throat instead of from the chest. This will raise the pitch of your voice because it causes the outer edges of your vocal cords vibrate instead of the entire vocal cord.
  • To check if you are really singing in falsetto hold your hand to your chest. You chest should not vibrate when you sing falsetto. If any part of your chest is vibrating then you are singing in your normal register.
  • Now practice adding different styles and tonalities to adapt your falsetto singing voice to the kind of music that you like to sing, whether it be rhythm and blues or progressive rock.

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