How to Practice Singing

In this article I discuss four important things to remember about your singing practice sessions:

  1. Start every singing practice with a warm-up.
  2. Shorter and often is better than longer and infrequent singing practice.
  3. Concentration is key.
  4. Don’t overdo it.

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1. How to practice singing: Warm up

Singing practices should always begin with a warm-up. Your vocal muscles need warming up just like your body does. For example, have you woken up in the morning and found that your first word came out as a hoarse croak? Your voice wasn’t warmed up! What happened was that during the night, fluids collected in your throat tissues. Mucous built up, and your vocal cords became dry. Because your vocal cords need to be damp to move well, you found yourself unable to speak normally in the morning.

Here's a singing practice tip for you: A great place to do your vocal warm-ups is in the shower, because the steam opens up your throat and windpipe and is soft on your vocal cords.

Also remember to drink lots of water — and that doesn’t mean juice, milk, coffee, or soda pop. Those liquids can’t compare with water when it comes to keeping the vocal cords moist and functioning at their best. The best singers keep hydrated and may drink up to a gallon of water a day. Keep a water bottle with you and sip regularly.

You can’t warm up just by singing a song. Good vocal warm-ups take you through your chest voice to your head voice without building pressure. Fortunately, there are many simple warm-up exercises you can do.

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2. How to practice singing: Short sessions often

How often and how much should you practice your singing? When you begin your training, shorter singing practice sessions several times a day are better than one big practice session every few days. The shorter singing practices will enable you to keep your focus and not tire the new vocal muscles you’re beginning to stretch.

3. How to practice singing: Concentrate

When you do each exercise, you need to focus on what the exercise is supposed to accomplish. Feel the physical sensations that each exercise causes. Note the change in sound it produces. The more aware you become of your singing apparatus, the more control you will have.

4. How to practice singing: Don't overdo it

Finally, when you’re done practicing, your throat should not feel tired or tense. If it does, chances are you haven’t been using proper technique. The discomfort may be caused by using your outer muscles too much, forcing sounds out rather than letting them flow naturally, or singing your exercises too loudly. (A moderate volume is best for practicing.)

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I hope this singing practice info was helpful to you.

To your bright singing future, 

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