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Day 1:
  The best vocal warm up exercises to strengthen your vocal cords and loosen the muscles needed to produce a professional sound.

Day 2:  How to avoid the most common singing mistakes that prevent singers from producing a clean and professional vocal tone.

Day 3:  Discover the truth about pitch and tone and the secrets to master relative pitch so you'll never sing out of key again.

Day 4:  Master correct breath control and singing posture to sing with oomph and hit power notes with ease.

Day 5:  Vital techniques to create a connected voice by blending head and chest voice to enjoy fantastic tone throughout your entire vocal range.


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    25 Tips for Aspiring Songwriters  

 How to find inspiration and write songs people can relate to
 Finding the perfect words and structure for an unforgettable song 
 How to market your songs for profit 
 How to protect your work with copyrights and royalties 
 Advanced tips for songwriters 
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Check out this email I received recently from Tanya in San Diego, California:

Hi Frank,
Thanks sooo much for the free singing lessons!  The quality of the lessons exceeded my expectations and I found the vocal warm ups especially helpful. Who'd have thought learning to sing at home could be this fun and easy! 

Here's a preview of the Singorama 5 Day Mini-Course:

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