How Much Do Singing Lessons Cost?

Let's face it singing lessons cost money. But you don't want to get stuck adding up the cost at the last minute only to find that you can't afford the price of singing lessons. Be sure to ask your prospective singing coach the following questions so you know how much you will be expected to fork over.

How much do your singing lessons cost?
The cost of singing lessons varies depending on location. The price of singing lessons in New York or San Francisco may be $100 - $250 for an hour long session but they may only cost $35 - $50 in small towns. The fame of singing teachers can also affect the price of lessons but high prices don't guarantee better results or a better teacher. Likewise, you might find a young singing teacher just starting out with cheap singing lessons but who doesn't yet know much about teaching.

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What's your cancellation policy?

You don't want to be surprised when you call in sick and the teacher makes you pay for the missed lesson. Be sure to ask if your singing teacher has a cancellation policy or if being sick will cost you big bucks.

What's your payment policy? 
If you agree to set a specific singing lesson time each week with a teacher, you may be required to pay in advance. Other teachers may be more relaxed and allow you to arrange a lesson whenever you have enough money. Also be sure to ask about the method of payment. It may also be possible to get a reduced price if you pay for a bundle of singing lessons in advance.

Like any private lessons, singing lessons will cost you money. And the cost adds up quicky when you take lessons regularly. If the price of private singing lessons puts you off, I recommend you look into online singing lessons and get the best of both worlds. You get to learn from some of the best singing coaches at a fraction of the price of private singing lessons. Click here for reviews of the best singing lessons.  

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I hope this information about the cost of singing lessons was helpful to you.

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