Connected Voice

Your chest and head voices do overlap, but they do so in the middle of your range. You need to be careful of this area, as switching too often between chest and head voice causes a song to sound disjointed and unpleasant to listen to. What you want to do is to visualize your breastbone and head working in balance, so that all the notes you produce sound blended and connected. 

Thus, as a singer, your goal should be balance and connectivity between your chest and head voices. You should be able to move smoothly and seamlessly from the lowest notes in your range to the highest, without effort. Your vocal cords will open and close freely through their entire range of motion, without effort or strain.  Unfortunately, the major barrier to a seamless, connected head and chest voice is the break, the point at which your voice “sticks” as you change register.

Your task is not just to find your vocal break—but to eliminate it. This is very difficult and can take years. Some singers don’t even bother to connect their chest and head voices; instead, they incorporate the two separate voices into their style. Nevertheless, the most agile singers find that a connection between their two voices enables them to create music the kind of music of which they’d only dreamed.

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