Brett Manning's Big Singing Lie#6

Big Lie #6 - Either you have talent, and thus CAN sing, or you don't have
talent, and can NOT sing.

Truth - Since almost everyone can speak, and the speaking mechanism is the same as the singing mechanism, almost everyone can sing--and should, if they desire to!

Click Here for Brett Manning's Singing SuccessThis is a "non-technical" lie, but it has affected so many people that you wouldn't believe it. I meet singers all the time who have spent the better part of their lives wanting to sing, but believing this BIG LIE.

Of course, I know that NOT all people possess the same degree of singing talent. But the BIG LIE says "Give it up! You shouldn't sing because you're not...(fill in the name of any famous singer)."

My job brings me a unique perspective. You see, I've enjoyed some fame as a
singer in the Contemporary Christian music field. And I know for a fact that many already famous singers still feel inadequate and yet we are singing despite those feelings!

I remember telling Brett Manning some time after he had helped me so much, "I always felt like a any minute, they'd realize I had no real talent."

So if you have the dream to sing (or play an instrument), and have a little time
to give to it, you can become quite good at it. I personally know several who
have gone so far as to make an income from it--in their later life!

If you do the right exercises, you can get your voice into shape far more quickly than you think. There a couple of pitfalls that must be addressed though:

Pitfall #1: You think you're too old.

This is so far from true and yet so commonly believed. Just think of the singers you like to listen to. Are any of them near your age? Most people say "Yeah. How'd you know?" Because everybody says that. You're about the age of many of your favorites.

Pitfall #2: You packed away your dreams and you haven't taken them out lately.

Well, it's time. Think of all you've accomplished that you DIDN'T like! Don't you think you could accomplish something that you DO like? If you long to sing, you can be taught to find your voice and let it go do its thing.

Pitfall #3: You're intimidated by other singers you know.

My answer to this is that you have no idea how wonderful it is on the other side of that wall of fear until you push through it. The only question is how much fun you allow yourself to have in the process. Get yourself some "secret weapon" instruction and watch people's reaction when your voice cuts loose!

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PS--There's another lie that you'll hear about next time--It has to do with
how hard you need to work at this.

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