Reviews of the Best Singing Lessons

They Laughed When I Reached for the Mic - But When I Started to Sing!

Some people think singing is a natural talent that can't be learned. They're wrong. Even if you've been told that you're tone deaf, with the best singing lessons and regular practice you can learn to sing like a star in 3 months - guaranteed!

I believe that singing should be fun and easy. That's why you need a step-by-step approach to get fast results and maximum enjoyment from your singing lessons. All the singing lessons reviewed on this page will help you to: 

Sing with more range, power, richness, clarity and resonance. Captivate audiences with your star singing voice.Perfect your pitch, sing on key and hit high notes with ease.Sing long notes and phrases without running out of breath.Keep your voice healthy and avoid strain.Set your spirit free and soar with confidence.

Roger Burnley's Singing Made Simple

Review Verdict: Insider Tip!
Best Singing Lessons, Bar None!

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Roger Burnley is probably the best kept secret in the music industry. With Singing Made Simple you will develop "star like" tone quality, hit incredible high notes, boost performance confidence and protect your voice from damage. Simply perfect 20 exercises and you'll be able to sing anything. Best of all, it can be mastered in 30 days!

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Choose these best singing lessons...

  • Because you want to sing with the elusive X-factor of the stars, in the shortest time.
  • Because you want to discover insider shortcuts and powerful exercises used by award winning superstars like Macy Gray.
  • Because you want to be taught by a legendary vocal coach, with 30 years experience, who genuinely cares about your singing success.
  • Because you want to get professional help when you need it from the Singing Made Simple Members Club.
  • Because you want a singing method that provides the vocal versatility to sing any musical genre.
  • Because you'll learn better with high quality video training than pure audio singing lessons.

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4 DVDs, 2 CDs & Members Site

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Per Bristow's Sing With Freedom 

Review Verdict:
Most Inspirational Singing Lessons

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Sing With Freedom is perhaps the most fun and inspirational vocal training on the market. If you lack singing confidence or suffer from performance anxiety and are looking for a motivating and fun course to help you overcome your fears then Sing With Freedom is the right course for you.

 Try before you buy:  Click here to watch 5 free singing lessons from Per Bristow 

Choose these singing lessons...

  • Because you feel your singing is being held back by fear and inhibition.
  • Because you're looking for a fun course with a motivating and enthusiastic instructor that's suitable for all levels. 
  • Because you're open minded and willing to try a more unconventional approach.
  • Because perhaps you've tried other courses and want something to complement what you've already learned.
  • Because you'll learn better with high quality video training than pure audio singing lessons.  

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4 DVD Video + 3 Bonus Audio

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Brett Manning's Singing Success

Review Verdict: 
The Most Desired Singing Lessons

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A great choice for aspiring singing stars. If you want to develop a powerful and unique singing voice with professional coaching from one of the world's most respected celebrity vocal coaches, then Singing Success is for you.

Choose these singing lessons...

  • Because you want singing training that's recommended by Broadway directors and Grammy award winning rock and pop stars.
  • Because you want to focus on proven vocal drills and practical exercises to strengthen you voice and expand your vocal range.
  • Because you want to develop your own unique singing style and the vocal versatility to sing any musical genre.
  • Because you want a singing program that has withstood the test of time and is every inch as relevant today as when it was first released.

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12 CD, 1 DVD + 1 Booklet

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Emily Mander's Singorama

Review Verdict:
Best Singing Lessons Under $100

Average user rating: 4.5 Stars 

Singorama offers more traditional style singing lessons with a great balance of singing theory and practice. Singorama covers everything from vocal technique and singing style through to performance tips, preparing for auditions, dealing with nerves, songwriting and more!  

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Choose these singing lessons...

  • Because you want a course that will teach you everything you need to be a great singer and performer from beginner to advanced level.
  • Because you're looking for singing lessons with a traditional and step-by-step approach.
  • Because you want a balanced mix of theory and practical exercises.
  • Because you want the best bang for your buck.

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Singorama - Best Value Singing Lessons

28 mp3, 2 Books + Software

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I've compared over 20 of the best singing lessons so you can be sure these are the crème de la crème! If you're still unsure about learning to sing at home, here are some of the reasons why I personally enjoy home learn to sing programs:

...because home singing lessons save me time and money...because I'm busy and they conveniently fit my schedule...because they allow me to improve my singing at my own pace...because I get to learn from the best international vocal coaches...because the lessons are portable and can be uploaded to my mp3 player ...because I can repeat lessons as often as I need to ...because I can improve my singing quickly, easily and when it suits me

I want you to feel 100% happy with your singing lessons and I know you will make a great decision today by choosing any of the best-of-class singing lessons above. If you already own any of the programs reviewed on this page, feel free to contact me to share your personal experiences and success stories.

To your bright future as a singer,


P.S. Ever been at a concert and imagined it was you on stage wowing the audience? If you feel you missed your calling as a singer, then today is your golden opportunity to make good. Start now by grabbing these 10 free video singing lessons from star vocal coach Roger Burnley.