Becoming a Singer

Make no mistake, the music industry is highly competitive. If you're serious about becoming a singer, you have to be prepared to work hard in the hope that your effort will be rewarded and you will eventually succeed as a professional singer.

Of course talent goes a long way and in the case of becoming a singer it can certainly prove to be very helpful. Add a healthy dose of passion and dedication and chances are good that you will succeed in becoming a singer worthy of success and admiration. 

How to Become a Singer: Practice Hard

Practice is of course key to becoming a singer and just like athletes exercise to get physically fit, as a budding singer you need to nurture your talent and work on your weaknesses. You will need to take lessons to ensure you understand the fundamentals of singing and you might wish to experiment with writing your own songs. Becoming a singer of caliber is easier if you're passionate about what you're doing and willing to work hard to succeed. 

How to Become a Singer: Enjoy The Limelight

Of course to be successful in becoming a singer it helps if you enjoy being in the limelight and performing in front of live audiences. And it's not just about your ability to sing, it's also important to communicate the message of your songs convincingly. Perhaps most important in becoming a singer is your ability to entertain and inspire people. If you're serious about attaining a high level of recognition, one of the most important things to work on apart from your singing will be your live act and stage presence.

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How to Become a Singer: Get Lucky

Live acts offer a great opportunity for you to get your music heard. Stories abound of singers who struck it lucky by being "discovered". One week they're performing at a local club or bar and the next thing they've landed a contract with one of the big record labels and are out touring the world. So yes, luck is also very helpful when becoming a singer but remember that you have to be willing to put yourself out there to get lucky!

How to Become a Singer: Believe In Yourself

Although many singers balk at the thought of marketing their skills, it's incredibly important to feel comfortable promoting yourself. You need self-confidence to be a successful singer.  Not only because you have have to stand up and perform in front of people, but also because you have to be willing to accept critism (or at least live with it). Even those with the largest fan base, have their critics. That's why to become a singer you need a lot of confidence. Afterall, if you don't believe in youself as a singer then who will?

How to Become a Singer: Develop Your Live Act

Just like singing, it takes time and practice to develop your stage skills. As an aspiring singer it's advised to grab every opportunity to perform that comes along. Becoming a singer requires that you get exposure and stage experience.

Although stage performances can be nerve wracking, the rewards are great. Develop an exciting live show and your audience will reward you with applause and who knows, you may even be called back for an encore. This is a fantastic motivator will give you a huge boost of confidence en route to becoming a professional singer.

Of course having an audience calling out for more requires a very well planned and rehearsed performance. It also means choosing the right songs and performing them in the right sequence to ensure a dynamic show with momentum and emotional peaks.

How to Become a Singer: Take It One Step At A Time

Of course you shouldn't expect your rise to stardom to happen overnight and even if your aspirations are more modest it's sensible to take things one step at a time. You might start by singing in front of friends and family and then when you become more comfortable you could try singing at a local bar or at small events. Even a half hour gig can do wonders for building your confidence and skills. Then as you start feeling more confident as a singer you can start lengthening your act. Before you have your own sell out concerts most up and coming singers will front for more established acts.

How to Become a Singer: Learn From More Established Singers

Fronting is a super way to get exposure. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn from other more established singers and will help you tremendously in becoming a singer. It's a good idea to watch other singers very closely and learn from them as much as you can. Make notes of how they highlight their performances and also look at how they pace their show, hold themselves on stage and communicate on with their audience.

Remember in Becoming a Singer You Will Make Mistakes

The earlier you accept that your singing is not perfect the better. Making mistakes is common to everyone in any profession. The secret to becoming a singer is of course learning to overcome whatever mistakes you make and to practice hard until you have mastered your craft and the rest is in the hands of the audience.

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