Brett Manning's 9 Biggest Lies About Singing

Uncover the 9 biggest lies about singing. These revealing articles are provided compliments of Brett Manning, celebrity vocal coach and creator of the awesome Singing Success vocal program

Before you dive in I thought I'd share an inspirational video with you. It's about a guy called Eddie, who had a pretty average voice but still had guts to push past fear and doubt to pursue his dream to sing. I think you'll enjoy this and it further disproves Big Singing Lie # 6 that you either have talent and can sing - or you don't and can't. The truth is that with little perseverance and the right tools, ordinary can very quickly become extraordinary and I've seen it happen time and time again!

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Is your singing being held back by one of these blatant singing lies? Here are Brett Manning's 9 biggest singing lies listed so you can quickly navigate to the topics that interest you most - Enjoy!

Big Singing Lie #1 - People start out singing all wrong, so they must be taught (or re-taught) EVERYTHING, in order to sing "properly."

Big Singing Lie #2 - If you can sing classical style, you can sing anything.

Big Singing Lie #3 - It takes years of instruction and practice to develop a respectable vocal range of almost 2 octaves.

Big Singing Lie #4 - You will need special instruction to learn how to breathe correctly for singing.

Big Singing Lie #5 - You must develop a strong "falsetto" to sing very high notes.

Big Singing Lie #6 - Either you have talent, and thus CAN sing, or you don't have talent, and can NOT sing.

Big Singing Lie #7 - It takes great effort and the coordination of many varied muscles to sing correctly.

Big Singing Lie #8 - Singing is just a skill, like law or accounting, and thus can be educated into someone.

Big Singing Lie #9 - To sing with power, especially up high, you need to exert a great deal of physical effort.

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